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The revolutionary comics reading experience on mobile

Who are we?

We are a bunch of good guys from the comics, media and digital world, the true comics readers kind that keep fighting primary for authors recognition as well as Comics art recognition and culture. Everywhere any Anytime.

We are Pro for Pros!

At Mocomics we love comics, stories and entertainement, but see our old world! It has not yet reached the 21st century why? Did you ever try to get your audience – not the one on paper, man – the millenial one, your pair – to read comics on something different than their mobile? Forget it. Pretty hard Yep? Because there is simply no format to allow millenials to be interested in them… So we took the challenge, and we realized: here comes the Mocomics concept for the mobile generation.

We made it for Authors, Creators from the new generation.

So Be a visionnaire, conceptualize, map and create digital first with our Mocomics Authoring Tool Suite. Enhance your showcase, publish and sell your own content on your almost personal store ( your rights stay with you ok!)  with a Waoow technology, made for mobile.

You wanna do it yourself? Or You'd rather leave it to us?

Whatever you choose, it's this way -> on



has its registered office at Case Postale 686, 1001 Lausanne, Switzerland.
Registered IDE:CHE-167.234.135
Federal Number: CH-550.1.157.172-7

The company is a 100% privately owned business, offering patented content and story-telling production technology, web and mobile services through their marketplace "" and referring IOS and Android associated mobile services.

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